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EYFS Curriculum Approach


At Sutton Benger CE Primary School, we recognise the importance of the EYFS. We provide a child centred curriculum, following the interests and fascinations of the children, alongside a carefully planned progression of skills. Our EYFS curriculum is deliberately knowledge, skill and vocabulary-rich. We recognise and value an enabling environment so our children are fully immersed in independent and child-centred learning that allow them to learn, grow and flourish within the EYFS.

In the EYFS, we:

  • provide a curriculum that offers children a wide range of opportunities which allows them to try new things, broaden their first hand experiences and encourage them to relish a new challenge;
  • develop perseverance, self-belief and problem solving skills and encourage children to build a love of learning;
  • build on the wealth of knowledge and skills children already have when they arrive at our school and recognise that all children are unique, celebrating and welcoming differences within our school community;
  • embed the ‘Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning’ – playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically;
  • provide an enabling environment that encourages children to be independent learners and thinkers;
  • build positive relationships between adults, children and each other;
  • provide children with opportunities to develop their sense of wellbeing and ability to regulate their feelings so that they feel confident and happy in our school community.


Our curriculum follows the ‘Statutory Framework for the Early years Foundation Stage’ (Sept 2020) and ‘Development Matters’ which provides the prime and specific areas of learning and the educational programmes we develop in our curriculum. Our curriculum meets the needs of all of our children as we spend time looking at and evaluating what and how children are learning. This is achieved through talking to children, observing their learning experiences and analysing data and progress. Through our knowledge of each child, we plan exciting and engaging activities that consolidate the children’s current skills and move their learning forward. Children learn through a balance of child-initiated and adult-directed activities.Children have specific directed teaching in literacy, maths and phonics (‘Unlocking Letters and Sounds’) every day, with other areas of learning being met through ‘exploring time’ where the children access the continuous provision and its enhancements to consolidate and develop their skills. This includes:

  • in the moment planning - following individual children’s interests and making the most of those focused moments where the teaching and learning can be maximised in a one to one way;
  • objective led planning – taking our particular focus and weaving it into the children’s exploring time;
  • focused group time - an adult continues to support children in their specific learning from their adult-directed activity.

All of these approaches ensure we can check children’s understanding, identify and respond to misconceptions quickly and provide real-time verbal feedback which results in a strong impact on the acquisition and consolidation of learning. Children are provided with plenty of time to engage in ‘exploring time’ with experiences that are carefully planned to engage and challenge them in the provision. The curriculum is planned for the inside and outside classrooms and equal importance is given to learning in both areas.

Our inclusive approach means that all children learn together but we have a range of additional support to enhance and scaffold children who may not be reaching their full potential. The support from parents is also enlisted at an early stage to ensure that the children have every chance to achieve the Early Learning Goals. Parents also have access to their child’s earning journal which means they can engage with children regularly about their learning and can also contribute to the knowledge we have of the child in school.

We ensure that the children are surrounded by a kind, caring and happy environment. It is a positive place to be where resilience, perseverance and successes are celebrated and every child feels valued and respected.


The EYFS children at Sutton Benger CE Primary School flourish within our curriculum. The enriched play-based exploration, alongside adult-led activities provides a rich diet of balanced learning experiences which develop happy, curious children who learn well. Our curriculum and its delivery ensure that children make good progress.

Our EYFS curriculum allows children to develop their learning skills alongside key knowledge and understanding that are the foundations for further learning as they move on to the next stage of their education.

We measure progress and children’s learning across the year through formative and summative assessment, which are based on the teacher’s knowledge of the child and information from parents in their learning journals. We have high expectations of our children and aim for them to meet or exceed a Good Level of Development (GLD).

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